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機動旅団八福神 8巻 (BEAM COMIX)
機動旅団八福神 8巻 (BEAM COMIX)価格:¥ 683

放射線犯罪Radiation Crimes in Japan (2-1)
放射線犯罪Radiation Crimes in Japan (2-1)InJapan,Japanese mafia,public officials,doctors,big enterprises,temples and that believers are doing the crimes by using radiation. The video image that gamma rays were measured with ALOKA PDR-101 in my former house at 1-10-5-6(306) Nishizaki Okayama-shi Japan is shown. PDR-101 is a Scintillation survey meter for gamma-ray. Normal value(background) is 0.058μSv/h. When the measured value exceeds 19.99μSv/h,the overrange mark appears on the upper left of the display. The sound indicates the number of gamma rays. Many Japanese products include neutron radiation sources, and attack the target person by neutron beam with wireless remote control. Especially,Japanese car,motorcycle,bicycle,lighting fixture,utility pole and satellite include many neutron radiation sources. So,they are very danger. Many Japanese satellites attack the target person from the sky. Because a radiation source as small as a half grain of rice can attack a person, the criminals(gang stalking) set radiation sources of gamma or neutron into mobile phone or portable game machine, portable personal computer, other portable electronics machines, and have them, and loiter around the target person, and attack him from close range with the wireless remote control by gamma rays or neutron beams. If you want more information, please click following URL. URL(in Japanese) : www.geocities.jp ALOKA URL : www2.aloka.co.jp