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Beams of Our House
Beams of Our House価格:¥ 1,246

Laminated Wooden House - Joint of Varapodio (con audio)
Laminated Wooden House - Joint of Varapodio (con audio)JOINT OF VARAPODIO Provincia di Reggio Calabria, Italy. SUBJECT: PROJECT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A COVERED VERANDA IN GLULAM IN ELEVATION TO EXISTING MANUFACTURED IN ARMED CEMENT TO LAND OUTSIDE A PLAN IN PLACE VARAPODIO. - Backbone in laminated wood. It is a rectangular building, with vertical structures (reinforced concrete pillars. Arranged along the perimeter of the house), from horizontal structures (reinforced concrete beams and slabs in the floor cement brick). All the structures described above have direct foundation consists of continuous beams reverse, type directly supported on the ground, in normal reinforced concrete cast in place type formwork frames. In particular, the proportion of the first reinforced concrete bridge decks, in line with the underlying pillars were set in the pillars of the laminated wood floor first (second above ground), anchored to the existing structure in reinforced concrete, with steel plates and pulls-funds anchor that will be provided in the existing structure, so it is necessary to anchor the pulls-funds of metal plates, the armor of plan in reinforced concrete, through the use of chemical cartridges to anchor (Poliplast), polyester resin-based adhesive and consolidating for the reinforced concrete, after completion of the holes at the pulls-funds planned, executed with a diameter equal to the anchor irons. The structure consists of vertical pillars will be combined into elements of glued laminated wood complying with DIN 1052 <b>...</b>